Typhoon Texas is a Category 5!

What better way to cool off on a hot Houston day than taking the family to a water park? Our family loves going to waterparks, so I was especially interested in exploring America’s newest one - in Katy – Typhoon Texas! Without any other attractions like it in the Katy or West Houston metro area, Typhoon Texas fills the need for a venue providing family fun for the whole day. Brand new, it gleams as you approach it, beckoning you to come and enjoy all it offers, from rides up to four stories tall. Located next to Katy Mills Mall at 555 Katy Fort Bend Rd, just off of Highway 10 and its intersection with 99, Typhoon Texas is easy to get to and has ample parking. 

When I arrived, I was greeted by Mr. Steve Mayer, who was nice enough to take me around the park and show me all its attractions. Mr. Mayer gets waterparks up and running around the country and has done a great job with this one!

I was captivated right away by the extent of the park, the number of its attractions, the inviting feel of the place, and the short lines for rides on the weekday I was there. At Typhoon Texas there are over 35 slide paths covering a third mile. I liked the fact that the parking is free and that there is plenty of room for visitors. Security was clearly visible and there were lifeguards everywhere I looked. Flotation devices be they lifejackets, tubes, or rafts are free and provided for all at the relevant rides. Their Aquatic engineer has been quoted as stating that Typhoon Texas uses the latest water filtration technology and high turnover rates and that they have the “cleanest water of any park currently operating in the U.S.”

First we went to the 25,000-square-foot wave pool, Tidal Wave Bay, which features DJs and live music or movies, depending on which day of the week and what events are highlighted. Check their website to find out about the latest events. Next to the wave pool is the “Snakepit” with a variety of a snaking tube rides you and the kids can try your hand at conquering. Surrounding the wave pool is a large shaded area in which you can relax and it is surrounded with sharp looking cabanas for rent if you want a port in the storm for the day. One of my favorite attractions is the 1,500 ft. Lazy-T River which is five football fields long. It makes for a nice relaxing float for those taking a break from the rest of the hard core fun this waterpark offers.

Not to be outdone, America’s most advanced waterpark offers visitors the option of trying “X-Boarding” which is a water park / computer game interfaced experience. And for those who need to locate a Pokémon, they can indulge in that too – although personally I prefer checking out the killer rides and getting wet!

At the end of the park opposite the entrance, you’ll find the rides called the “Monster Storms” – “The Texas Twister” and “The Typhoon.” These rides are awesome as they are tall, big, and allow for a whole group to take their own raft swirling through the maze of tubular slides. Everyone coming down them has big smiles and is happily drenched – so plan on getting wet! For those who want to go on the slides individually there are still the multiple options of the “Duelin’ Daltons” and the “Lone Star Racers,” both of which, along with “The Snake Pit” are all ready for repeated sliding. Keep in mind that the more intense rides have height and weight limits, but there is still plenty to the smaller kids to do throughout the park.

Typhoon Texas - The HoustoniansLockers and restrooms are conveniently located and there are private picnic areas for your family or corporate special events. One of the special features, which I didn’t expect, but at which I was really happy to see is the River Grill and Smoke House BBQ. Mr. Mayer said that, “in keeping with the theme of Texas, we wanted to offer superb BBQ, made on site daily in our own smoke house, with our staff trained by renowned Pitmaster Russell Roegels.” There is also a Pizza stop and for those so inclined, a bar with adult beverages.

There are some areas for relaxed water sports like the Buckaroo Bayou and especially for the kids, the Gully Washer, with its own gigantic bucket of water designed to drench those gathered around its base at regular intervals.

Typhoon Texas waterpark is open from 10:30 a.m.- 6 p.m. daily through Labor Day. Tickets are$44.99 on weekends/holidays, and $39.99 on weekdays. To get maximal enjoyment and bang for your buck, I recommend getting a season pass, which is a bargain at less than $100.00 - information about which is available online at their website, http://www.typhoontexas.com.

I was quite impressed with Typhoon Texas and definitely recommend a visit as a way to enjoy the summer with the family while cooling off. Seeing as your kids will love the place, consider getting a season pass. You can always chill out in the shade, grab a beer and some BBQ, or float down the Lazy-T while the kids have fun going on all the thrill rides.

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